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BVH Scheriau

Photo: front view of the passive house: beige facade, two upstairs windows, two downstairs windows, terrace door; in the foreground, terrace with stone pitching; table and chairs on the terrace; in front, a lawn with a young fruit tree; in the background, electricity pylon, mountains and woodland
Facts and Figures
Company Niedermühlbichler Bau
PrincipalBauamt Gemeinde Lurnfeld
LocationVillach - Austria
Type Residential construction

Transformation: construction site to dream home.

In November 2016, Niedermühlbichler Bau was awarded the contract to build a family home including a garage and solar panels. On the ground floor the new house occupies an area of around 152m2 including the living spaces, kitchen, entrance hall and toilet. The bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs. Niedermühlbichler Bau also built the basement, a garage and a covered terrace.

The team of Niedermühlbichler Bau experts used stone pitching to remodel the south side of the terrace and property to compensate for the sloping ground. The passive house is built on a combination of reinforced concrete slabs and C 25/30 strip foundations. The internal and external walls are built of brick (25cm) and plastered. The ceilings on the ground floor use variously solid reinforced concrete construction and hollow slabs.

Niedermühlbichler Bau handed this idyllic home over to the client following successful completion of the project.